Division 18 : Printing and reproduction of recorded media (This division excludes publishing activities, see section J for publishing activities
181  Printing and service activities related to printing
 1811 Printing
   This class excludes:
   - silk screen-printing on textiles and wearing apparel, see 1313
   - manufacture of paper articles, such as binders, see 1709
   - publishing of printed matter, see 581
   - photocopying of documents, see 8219
  18111Printing of newspapers
  18112Printing of magazines and other periodicals, books and brochures, maps, atlases, posters etc.
  18113Printing of postage stams, taxation stamps, cheques and other security papers
  18114Printing of bank notes, currency notes
  18115Printing directly onto textiles, flexographic plastic, glass, metal, wood and ceramics
  18119Other printing activities like screen printing other than textile n.e.c.
 1812 Service activities related to printing
  18121Book and other similar sheet binding on account of others
  18122Engraving, etching and block making etc.
  18129Other service activities related to printing n.e.c.
182  Reproduction of recorded media
 1820 Reproduction of recorded media
   This class includes reproduction from master copies of gramophone records, compact discs and tapes with music or other sound recordings, motion pictures and other video recordings, software and data on discs and tapes
   This class excludes:
   - reproduction of printed matter, see 1811
   - publishing of software, see 5820
   - production and distribution of motion pictures, videotapes and movies on DVD or similar media, see 5911, 5912, 5913
   - reproduction of motion picture films for theatrical distribution, see 5913
   - production of master copies for records or audio material, see 5920
  18200Reproduction of recorded media
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